Personal Presentation Skills Required by an Interviewee

Public Speaking Guidance for Newbie

The initial action to take for getting the best public speaking is believe it is not as difficult as it looks.


What do you think with the word “public speaking” ? Well, if you are a newbie who is selected to do this at the first time, you may sometimes not confident with yourself. But, don’t let it afraid you and make you look unprofessional. That is why this article is made. Hopefully this will give you some extra tips and guidance to start your public oration to pull out the greatest potential you have.

The initial action to take for getting the best public speaking is believe it is not as difficult as it looks. Have you ever spoken to many friends in class previously? If yes, it is actually the same thing, maybe the only different thing is you now bring more serious content to speak. But, whatever it is, as long as you consider that it is not so difficult, it won’t give you some barrier that push you out from your self confidence. If you are trying to look for some model of public speaking itself, you must started to understand the best way is being yourself. You may imitate another one’s style, but by being yourself when you are on the stage is better for you.

The first time for doing this must be very heavy for you. Well, it always like that an it is natural so far. If you are afraid of the mistakes probably happen, it is nonsense. In fact, the first trial must be full of lesson. The time you are possibly get the lesson because of your first mistake. And don’t worry if those mistakes come to you. It can later enhance your public oration style. It will be a good lesson for the next chance after all. So, push out your worry about something like this.


If you think you are the only one in this world getting this problem and some worries of first time public speaking, then it is not! In fact, many people, students, workers, are getting their time to be like you in this world to start the first time public speaking. Considering this fact, you are actually at the same boat with many people. So, the best suggestion for you to reduce your worry is by sharing your problem to your friend. Sharing what you have got so far and ask them about their experience about the feeling. Perhaps, you will find some more tips and solutions to improve your speaking quality.