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How train the trainer


To be a speaker many possibility could be happened and many topic could be force you to find some inspired. Maybe one day the topic about train the trainer will come to you to inspired your class or could be one day you will be invite to train them, give them some technique and style to inspired they build their skill and their unique. So what you going to do if this is happened to you ?


It means your grade already change, you up on the next level. More than just a trainer and speaker but now you become a master, a teacher for the trainer. Isn’t it you already pass your current level and up into the next level? And that’s an amazing moment and view for your skill and carrier, it could be change your lifestyle and mindset. Your knowledge should be upgrade too, can’t go perform with the same performance and style. There’s something should be change and upgrade higher thus wider cause different situation will come to you and this time you will face not just common audience but you face skillful and speaker person. As comparable rival and because at this time you have been chosen become a trainer to train them so you have to perform more experience and full with knowledge than them. You have to smartest than them. That’s why you have to show more than your common performance and style. You can’t just go through and use your old style. Everything had to be change and upgrade higher than them.


There are many thing you can do to upgrade your skill, could be from internet, books, etc. some practices and new experience can be a good teacher too, just to give you a new knowledge about everything and can be your reference. Every situation you face it would be better if you note it and explore what the good and positive point you got from that moment. That’s a knowledge that you will never find and got from any books, any school or any media. It just like privacy knowledge just for you because it’s only happened to you. So you must note it and memorize, pull the positive as your reference knowledge. Practice & explore day by day somehow it will raise your value to become something different with higher knowledge  and view. It can make you skillful and make you easy to face every situation that could be happened one day in your class / audience which is out your mind and never thought before. It will ease you handle every circumstances in your speaker carrier, it just like a new private training and development for you build your art of public speaking.