Business letter, business letter format

Business letter and format shows your professionalism



Now we will talk about work, it is similar with working professionalism in every aspect. Wherever we work in any kind of work they will expect professionalism. Mostly in administration department which is full with correspondent and business letter. You like or not everyone who work in administration department should know and learn about how to make a letter to client or customer for any purpose and polite word thus professional approach should use in this letter,

that’s for sure. Why? Because it similar you respect them by professional and polite word you give will make them happy when they read, it can reduce any tense between you mostly when there’s a trouble or both of you involved to some argue about something. The way you write, that shows and represents your company, personality and professionalism. It can use for many approach and it can be one of good factor to support company quality in front of client / customer. How you handle and touch your client / customer heart through your letter, it can show and reflect many things. Good feedback for sure you and your company will get.

All administration should learn how to make the right and good business letter format. Because that’s very important for all of the reason explain above.  And when the problem coming and you have to handle it through sent some letter, you have to make it quick. That’s why you have to learn it far before that problem happens so when that negative factor and moment come to you and your company you already know how to make a good and professional to reduce the tense and situation it might spread that time.

Here business letter example that you can use it for your correspondent, what are the points that should existed:

1.       Date

Date is very important that should be there. You can put the date at the beginning or at the end.

2.       Number and subject

Number and subject should be there to mark and allow you to find information regarding the letter ever send. So it is important to recipients too, the subject as brief information of what will be discussed.

3.       Greetings and contents

Never forget the greetings before you get inside to the main contents.

4.       Sender

Don't forget at the end you have to put the sender.


That’s the standard format you should use when you going to make it. You can learn and see the picture of the example at the internet too. So you can be more clear how to make it and for your correspondent support.