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Communication exercises to solve any barriers



Communication is very important, that’s like one of transportation that can bring you to somewhere. Moreover if you have to get connect with people out there, some foreigners that have a different language. This will be the only way out to be solved first before you can move forward do another important things. No matter what happens, when you get involved some business, friendship or anything with the people around you who have the same language that will take an important place and point too. That’s like easy thing but that’s not easy either, need a practice how to make a nice and good conversation to avoid some misunderstanding. You need a lot of communication exercises to make some good relationship. No matter with whom you talk to, and what language you going to use, you need to do some practice and speak with polite, used a good word. That will open every door wherever you go and do. Many people will respect and trust you, this can be one of your weapons to move forward and win every battle that you have to face.


Let’s just not talk about make conversation with outsider or other people, let’s get start it with make conversation with the people in your house. Try to think and make some evaluation. What exactly you going to face when you do some wrong word even though you didn’t meant to insult, it just like a joke for you but can you examine how they react ?. That’s one of example what about another case, there are so many things we can’t predictable and seems so wrong even though deep inside our heart we never meant to be like that or say it in purpose, it just accidentally and just a joke but for other that word have a different meaning. Born and grow up in a different situation and environment makes us think and act different. If we want to move forward without getting trouble anywhere so we have to try swipe away any communication barriers.


Do some practices, learn and explore how to make a good and polite conversation that will bring a lot of good and positive things for us. Whether you like or not it just like a must for all of us who lives in this decade to build any opportunity and open our own way thus successful door. Make us smooth through day by day in every difficulty that needs to be solved. Take some class or training if you need help to go through and if you have difficulties to learn it by yourself.