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How to applied management skills list



Management skill list have a few point that should be learn for all people who working with the things related to managerial activity. It is not easy needs focus, spare time to learn and discipline to learn. There are few points about external and internal management skill list that should be learns. And for you who want to work around in this area it would be better if you consider and concern about a few things explain below:



There are few thing that should consider related to external affect that we have to learn how to manage and make it work well, which is managerial of time, place, document, some appointment / schedule and behavior environment that related with area department are  widely point of view. All of that thing should be learn how to handle and make it work well. There are few theories you can learn but it won’t work as easy as that if it just theory without practicing a lot and learn from trial error followed. Everything should be learns and worked together between theories and practicing. Learn from every feedback that show, take the positive impact and reduce / move the negative impact. Every company and community have a different impact when the theory of managerial applied and that’s not always bring something positive sometime it can give a negative impact. That’s why all of that theory should be learn and applied it first then take examine thus evaluate from the result and make a revision immediately to fix and anticipate the situation.

2.       Internal list

Internal management skill list that should be learn and applied is all about leadership of managerial character which is as a leader has to be honest, straight by the rule that has been made, ability to lead the staff, sensitivity of law enforcement which is it has to considered too with the situation that force the staff break the law, ability to manage things around related area department are handled, have a vision far ahead as a leader.

All of that list should be learn and applied to make everything work well moreover to solve many problems that might show because of unpredictable environment and situation.


Nothing can be achieve and applied easily whatever that person, everything should be learn and practicing day by day and get some evaluation from the result for the next revision to support good achievement.