Technical Report Writing and Presentation Skills for Engineers

The most important preparation is how to write a presentation



How to write a presentation is the most important thing should do before you held this moment. Because it’s like a compass that will hello you directly where you have to speak and explain everything. Through this you will easy to explain everything until you can spread the point of view that your audience should understand and finally agree to decide the same direction with you.

How to write an presentation need a little effort and struggling at the beginning to search, explore and write down everything you need to support your moment but after you finish with this job you will see and feel that everything will be much easier for you to hold your performance and explain everything to your audience. There’s another thing that make how to write a presentation is the important which is you have to make handout for your audience so they can follow you easily when you speak moreover to give them some space if they want to bring it home and learn again after your performance. Mostly all the audiences like to take some time and get their space to learn everything again before they decide something related to your performance.

That’s why you have to prepare it everything as well as you can mostly about the handout so all the audience can get what you mean and they can reach easily to follow you and decide what’s best for them. Don’t underestimate of this handout because it can be use for your second hand too who knows when your audience bring it home and meet some colleagues they will show and discuss with them and suddenly it can bring them to something, a good decision for you. It can be useful too as a good alive promotion to stimulate your carrier as a speaker. Moreover it can be more effective than a common advertising because reference from friend mostly more trusted than other person who never know before.



To make a good handout there are few thing should be learn, such as technical writing, writing format, point to point that you should consider and explore it as good as you can and applied in your handout. So it can help you to explore your carrier as a speaker and make your audience comfortable through handout that you give to them.